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Sabandar Beach


The white sandy beaches will be developed to encompass a hive of activities ranging from upcoming water sports, tamu grounds, a seafood restaurant and a full service hotel. With a pristine beach located to your front and wetlands to the rear, it promises to become the heart of Sabah’s newest resort town.

Enjoy a walk along the beach at sunset to see the beautiful colours reflecting off the water. Take amazing photos of the picturesque views of the sun disappearing below the horizon.

Other recreational activities may include beach ball and jogging. Horse-drawn carriages will also be available to take visitors to experience the glorious sunset. (optional with an extra charge).

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Sabandar Mangrove Park


Sabandar Mangrove Park is a 6-acre mangrove forest and habitat to various flora and fauna. The main purpose of the park is to conserve and raise awareness on the mangrove’s ecosystem. A wooden boardwalk was constructed using only manual labour in order to decrease carbon footprint during the construction phase. The wooden boardwalk provides both a popular recreational walk and a natural ecological attraction for visitors. The boardwalk provides a close up view of the mangrove colony and a variety of associated flora and fauna. Together, these support a variety of birds and marine life that can be seen in this area. Informative on-site signage will provide visitors with an insight into the ecosystem of the mangrove system.

At present, we have identified 3 main species of mangrove which are Bakau minyak (Rizophora apiculata), Bakau kurap (Rizophora mucronata) and Berus putih (Bruguiera cylindrica). Other plants that are dominant to the site are Sea Hibiscus tree (Hibiscus tilliaceus) and Piai Raya fern (Acrostichum aureum) and nipah palm (Nypa fructicans). The mangrove fauna community structure is made up of monitor lizards (Varanus salvator), smooth otters (Lutrogale perspicillata), mud lobsters (Thalassina anomala), mollusks and mudskippers (Periophthalmodon schlosseri).

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Sabandar Leisure Rides


Comprising a fully equipped stable with 28 horses, SLR offers an experience on horse-riding for all ages within a confined and secured paddock together with friendly trainers (chargeable) or advanced trail riding that takes you through the serene kampong setting to the white sandy beaches of Sabandar beach. (optional with an extra charge).

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Bamboo Restaurant & Lotud House


Dine and indulge in a portrayal of our local cuisine in buffet style amidst the landscape of mangrove trees. A restaurant inspired by the Bajau tribe traditional architecture and a first bamboo structured restaurant in Tuaran. Nearby stands the Lotud House which resembles the traditional house of Tuaran indigenous ethnic group in Sabah. The design concept involved the harmonious blending of nature. Both structures set a benchmark and trend for sustainability with the used of local products.

Browse through a variety of handicraft products on display for sale at the Lotud House.

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Cowboy Bar & Grill Lodge


A local getaway for families and friends, the Cowboy Bar & Grill Lodge is a property with basic amenities and convenience. There are 16 rooms with air conditioning (8 Double rooms and 8 twin rooms) available for a cozy stay.

Every smoke-free room comes with shower facilities and a private balcony. These modest rooms are steps away from the Cowboy Bar & Grill and the horse stable for your riding convenience.

Room facilities: Air Conditioning, complimentary toiletries (shower gel, shower cap, tooth brush), towels, Desk and Wardrobe/Closet. Private bathroom comes with shower facilities.

Cancellation Policies – Cancel a week before check-in will receive a refund of the deposit minus a RM25 processing fee. Reservations cancelled within less than a week will forfeit entire deposit.

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Fireflies River Cruise


Experience an enchanting journey drifting on a river taking you back to nature. As the adventure continues, you come closer to the riverbank, and under the shades of overhanging nipah leaves, marvel at the rich variety of vegetations. You then proceed to experience the life of fishing villages nearby where, small fishing boats docked here and there, presenting a unique view. Fireflies lit the path at night as you wonder deeper into the mangrove forest. This journey gives you a sense of peace and timelessness.

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Sabandar Cowboy Town, Tuaran

  1. Bamboo Restaurant
  2. Lotud House
  3. Chill & Relax Platform at Mangrove Park
  4. Horse Stable
  5. Pee & Poo (Toilet)
  6. Cowboy Bar & Grill
  7. Horse Riding Track
  8. Tanjung Impian Jetty - Waiting Point for Firefly River Cruise
  9. River Activities Site

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